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From Pain to Purpose: How to Return to Purpose After Experiencing Trauma or Loss

A survivor of abuse and cancer shares the tools she used to move beyond healing and rediscover her purpose in this spiritual self-help guide.

Jessika Fuhrmaneck is a survivor of abuse, exploitation, cancer, and divorce. At the end of it all, she had complex PTSD and felt utterly lost. She spent years in recovery programs to bring her back to a place of mental and emotional wellbeing. But after all the recovery, therapy, and healing, Jessika was still disconnected from her life’s calling. Jessika spent a year discovering how to return to her God-given purposes.

Through persistence and prayer, Jessika discovered actionable steps that got her back on track with her calling. Now she shares her journey and process with other survivors of trauma and loss. For anyone feeling lost in the fog of psychological pain, From Pain to Purpose offers a path back to clarity and light.