All donations to EVENforONE are highly appreciated and will go directly to the development of our online referral platform, staffing needs, education initiatives, our long term commitment to help and support overcomers in their healing journeys, and our other efforts to directly fight sexual exploitation in all it's forms.

“We're discovering that the gap between awareness and the level of understanding required to actually drive significant, enduring change in this complex fight is quite massive. That's one of the foundational reasons EVENforONE is oriented by the voices and needs of the true experts - survivors themselves. All the resources in the world won't make a difference if they are deployed towards symptoms rather than deep, root causes. Every single ONE who is overcoming and courageously pursuing victory in their own fight can teach us so much about how to collectively pursue victory in the overall fight against trafficking."
Andrew Lundquist, Director and Co-Founder of EVENforONE