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A different kind of help

Who is Even4one and what is it that we do exactly and how are we different from other referral agencies?
A different kind of help

Even4one is a website directory and referral system for survivors of human trafficking that focuses on acute advocacy, program placement and resource connections. We are people wanting to help people. Hereat Even4one we are passionate about helping survivors find their fight and hope for the future by connecting them with the programs and services they need to break free from exploitation, rebuild their lives and seek healing.

The first need that we saw as we started to form Even4one was that survivors needed access to the knowledge of what services were actually available to them in North America so that they could make informed decisions themselves about the steps to healing that they wished to pursue. Our website was created to meet this need in a powerful way, in order to allow survivors to independently search location and service that they need and navigate to the websites of curated and vetted organizations that we have partnered with.

The second need that we saw was that not all survivors are in a place to navigate through all the twists and turns of the multiple intake processes for organizations that are required to find shelter, safety and healing, as well as manage hotel accommodations, travel, food, or spotty internet access. This is where Even4one stands out from other referral databases, because we see the need for acute advocacy(meaning to be an immediate and short term voice and support system)rather then simply information on a website or email. Even4one’sheart is to walk with people in the trenches of uncertainty and rejections and hard decisions to remind them that the fight is worth it and they can find hope and healing for themselves.

The third thing that we saw was that survivors were struggling with was the revictimization and retraumatization in telling their stories repeatedly after rescue. They are required to share with law enforcement, medical staff, case managers, and again on every intake form for long term programs. Even4one wanted to be a part of the change needed in this area. We created a form that a survivor needs to fill out one time that includes their story, and with their permission, we share that information with the organizations that we are partnered with that best fit the services and resources that that survivor is looking for while also giving the organization the information that they need to process whether they can move forward with the intake process for that particular survivor.

Even4one has a heart to see major change in the referral and intake processes within the anti-trafficking fight as we seek to represent the heart and voice in safety of each and every beautiful soul that we are asked to walk with. We also want to express our heart to see true collaboration and partnership with other amazing organizations across North America in this change process because we believe that we can only really have a lasting impact on the hearts of survivors by working together.

Recently we had the blessing of sitting with another amazing organization called The Exodus Road, who are now one of our amazing partners. They wanted to seek to understand the heart of Even4one and understand who we are and why we do what we do. I wanted to share the link to that interview here as well as champion their cause as well, as they embody the heart and soul of rescue, rehabilitation and HOPE for survivors of human trafficking globally in such a powerful way.

Here is the interview with them about Even4one as well as their website link.



I truly believe that we all have so much to offer in this fight against trafficking and just as each of us are uniquely designed and created, so too is the uniqueness of our impact in this fight.

Be blessed!